SMART Conference: Essentials of SMART Computing

SMART Conference

The SMART ministry of BIO will conduct a SMART training session at Faith Baptist Church in Jefferson City, Tennessee. This will be in conjunction with the church’s annual missions conference.

The classes will be held from 9:00 a.m. to noon on Thursday and Friday, February 23 and 24. SMART classes are free and available to other missionaries of like faith who would like to attend. If you are interested in the classes, please contact SMART via email or call the BIO office to let us know that you would like to participate. BIO can be reached at 865-262-0900.

Essentials of SMART Computing

What to Do With a New Computer

When you get a new computer you may need to transfer information from an old machine to the new one. In this module we will talk about what kinds of information is easily transferable and what is not. Then we will discuss various ways to make the transition to a new machine. You will also learn about various programs that you can use on your new machine.

Backup Solutions and Cloud Storage

Learn about the principle of 3-2-1 backup: 3 copies of everything, 2 different formats, at least 1 off-site. It is easy to make a backup of your system; it is not always easy to make it automated and up to date. We will talk about various backup strategies and online storage options. If you bring a portable hard drive with you to class we can actually walk through making a quick and easy backup while we are at class together.

Password Managers

Did you know that your bank password is not the most important password you own? In this session we will talk about what makes a good password and why you should never reuse a password. Then we will look at a couple of tools that make using good passwords a breeze without causing your head to explode.

Basic Network Troubleshooting

Your Internet connection has died. How can you tell if it is your computer, Wi-Fi, router, modem or actual service provider? Many times unplugging everything and restarting will fix the problem, but it would be nice to know which piece is malfunctioning so that it can be fixed and save you further frustration.

Software: How to Use Your Office Programs

Whether you use Microsoft Office, Google Docs or Apple Computer’s iWork office suite, there are some time saving tips that will help you get much more done when you learn about them. Though we won’t go into building pivot tables in a spreadsheet, you will learn how to do basic calculations in Excel (or similar program) and how to format long documents in your word processor to make them easier to edit later.

Prayer Letters

Did you know it is possible to have your email address blocked so that you can’t send or receive messages? Don’t risk losing control of the address that is printed on all your prayer cards and prayer letters. Use a free mailing list service to let you see who actually opens your prayer letter and to keep you from getting banned by your email host.

Please contact us if you plan to attend so that we can be better prepared. Lunch will be provided both days after the classes.

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