If your church is having a mission conference and need missionaries, feel free to contact any of our missionaries. If you are needing a keynote speaker for your conference please contact any of the men below. These godly men can inspire your church to a greater commitment in missions or other areas of Christian maturity.

Dr. Garvin Dykes – President

As a former pastor Dr. Dykes understands the need local churches have to get involved in missions. Dr. Dykes pastored for over 37 years and has been involved in mission work now since 1998 in a full-time capacity.  With this experience Dr. Dykes presents missions from a unique point of view. He is effective in challenging churches to be involved in the Great Commission.

Contact Dr. Dykes about speaking opportunities.

Dr. John Yingling – General Director

Dr. Yingling is a focused conference speaker and can be used by God to motivate your church into greater missions involvement. He has been involved in missions for over 20 years. The Yinglings spent several years in the South Pacific as missionaries. Since 2001 Dr. Yingling has served with BIO. He has ministered in over 15 countries and on 5 continents.

Contact Dr. Yingling for speaking opportunities.