BIO Training School

Training School is one of the highlights of Baptist International Outreach. The School had its genesis in what many mission organizations would refer to as Candidate School, but the BIO Training School has become much more than that. Our missionaries look forward to this week for three reasons.

Candidate Training

Missionary candidate training is fundamental. Lectures on Mission Philosophy, Deputation Ministry along with Taxes and Social Security are indispensable. Even our veteran missionaries are eager for a refresher in some of these topics.

Continuing Education

Ongoing training is a must in any vocation. Missions is no exception. Veteran furloughing missionaries along with specialists (e.g., medical professionals, lawyers, pastors, and missiologists) enthusiastically invest in the lives of both rookie and veteran missionaries. A sampling of such topics would include culture and language, banking security, internet security, personal security, health maintenance, and church relationships.

Common Fellowship

Probably the most beneficial reason to attend a BIO Training School is the fellowship that takes place during the week. There is time built in during the week of the school for rookie missionaries, veteran missionaries and specialists to interact on an informal level. Lingering questions are answered. Essential contacts are made. And, most importantly, missionaries are strengthened.

The net result of Training School is missionaries exhorted, edified, and encouraged. BIO has a desire to be a blessing to any missionary of like mind. We welcome any missionary or anyone who is contemplating a missionary career to attend Training School or our Deaf Training School. For more information contact the BIO Office.