The following are books written by BIO authors which can be a help and encouragement to you and your church. Some are books about personal experiences on the field while others are instructional in nature.

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Garvin Dykes

Book cover, Living in Two WorldsLiving In Two Worlds: Gomeju’s Story

Written by Garvin and Faye Dykes, the story of Gomeju Tafesse’s life is as challenging and inspiring as that of any missionary in history. We recommend it to every Christian, but especially to children and young people. While this book is packed with information, it can be read in a very brief time. This is by design so that more people will be encouraged to read it in these busy days.

Gomeju was a happy, healthy Ethiopian girl who loved music and dancing until she was eleven years old. Then she was stricken with meningitis and the high fevers changed her life forever. Suddenly she could not participate in the world she was living in, because she was totally deaf. Neither could she participate in the deaf world, because she could not communicate. She was “living in two worlds” and did not really belong to either.

She went through a long period of illness and hopelessness, during which she would not even leave her home. She asked God, “Why did you make me better than the dead, but less than the living?” Then she met Missionary Joyce Vick and began attending her School for the Deaf. She learned fast and soon demonstrated a gift for teaching. Before long she was saved and the school had to close for a time as revival broke out. She still lives in two worlds but participates well in both of them. You will want to read what God has done with her life.

The proceeds from Living in Two Worlds will go to the Joyce’s Kids ministry.

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Book cover, Five Kinds of Biblical GivingFive Kinds of Biblical Giving

From the Preface: The most revolutionary thing that can ever happen to anyone is to be saved by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. Subsequent to my salvation, the two most life-changing evens have been my call to preach and learning to practice scriptural giving. It has helped Faye and me to develop faith and discipline, and has brought us untold blessings. We would no more quit tithing and giving than we would quit reading the Bible and praying.

[This book] may be used as individual study as well as taught or preached in one session or as a five-lesson series. For some, perhaps it will simply be a catalyst from which to develop much better material than I could. I have been mindful that someone who is yet unsaved might read it, so care has been given to the presentation of the gospel, as well as explaining carefully the terms we use.

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Joyce Vick

Book cover for Where in the World are You Going?Where in the World are You Going?

From back cover: MISSION FIELD! The shock of such a life horrified me! Tears filled my eyes and fear stabbed my hear. Then, like a thunderbolt, rebellion set in. … “Why me, Lord? I have nothing to offer. I don’t understand.” Then I made the wisest decision of my life. By God’s grace I relinquished all…

In the stillness of that moment I found the peace of God real to my soul. I was tired of running, weary of my own way, and sick of rebellion. I shed my rags of self-will and accepted His glorious purpose for my life.

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Book cover, Ministerial HangupsMinisterial Hangups

Written from a wife’s perspective of spending years in ministry with her, this book will help pastors’ and missionaries’ wives be better prepared for what may come their way in ministry. Evaluate your life and ministry and be sure that there aren’t any “hang-ups” that are keeping you from being effective for Christ!

From the Forward: You can’t package experience. If I could, I would be an instant millionaire. In this book there is humor, common sense, and most of all that precious commodity of experience, gained from years of observation, doing, praying and reading the Scriptures.

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Book cover, Don't Faint...Yet!Don’t Faint…Yet!: Cheerful tales of tears, trials and triumphs with the Deaf of Ethiopia

From the Foreword: In all of these stories, whether telling of momentous decisions or simply describing how their rooster lost his tail, it seems Joyce Vick is talking directly to you. You almost feel you are visiting in the Vick’s home enjoying tea and cookies as Joyce tells of their adventures in Ethiopia.

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Book cover, Little is MuchLittle is Much: Tales of loving, teaching and reaching the Deaf of Ethiopia

This book might be considered a sequel to her other book, Don’t Faint…Yet! You will enjoy reading stories of how God worked in the hearts of these precious deaf youngsters in Ethiopia. Your heart will be stirred by her delightful, heart-warming way of writing about her students, and you will share in her love and concern for each individual child.

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Book cover, Life In A Pressure CookerLife in a Pressure Cooker: How to get out of the pot

From the Foreword: Joyce Vick has written a most wonderful on the pressures and the emotional experiences of life which are a test of faith and character. Life in a Pressure Cooker is not a book for the rare person, but for every person. The information is as much about life as it is with tears and pain. It is truly and exhaustive treatment of the subject and is the result of a dedicated soul and mind and a gifted pen. This book is a resource for those who are experiencing life in the pressure cooker and a handbook for those who are in the ministry of helping others.

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