About BIO


BIO was organized in 1985 for the purpose of opening countries closed to the Gospel by means of deaf education and other symbiotic methods that do not violate Biblical principles.

BIO is a full service missions agency with well-established expectations and guidelines for our missionaries. However, we also honor the authority of the pastor and the sending church and respect the leadership of the Holy Spirit in the life of the missionary on the field.


BIO is an effective professional home office that relieves our local church missionaries and their sending churches of many logistical tasks such as processing funds, providing health and life insurance, providing retirement plans, obtaining visas and establishing NGO’s and other legal situations, providing a means of Income Tax and Social Security savings and support with CPA assistance, and also ministry related counseling, encouragement and accountability.


Our Manuscript

BIO holds to the authority of the Masoratic and Received Text as the Word of God and therefore uses the KJV exclusively for English Speaking Peoples.

On Modesty

BIO maintains that believers should practice Biblical modesty. Nevertheless, there are sincere differences in regard to a few nonessential issues. Concerning these issues BIO defaults to the local church while maintaining a spirit of charity and cooperation.

On Music

BIO believes that music is an important factor in both public and private worship and that; furthermore music should encourage spiritual worship, edify believers, exalt the Lord Jesus Christ, and in no way reflect worldliness. However, BIO understands that music is expressed uniquely in every culture and subculture and therefore defaults to the local church in regard to style and expression while maintaining a spirit of charity and cooperation.


Our Motive

BIO’s desire is to please and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ by assisting local church missionaries and foreign nationals in planting indigenous local churches (i.e., self governing, self supporting, and self propagating local churches).

Our Means

The means by which ministry is to be carried out is through the living organism called the local church. BIO believes that God has ordained local churches to plant local churches. Therefore BIO endeavors to serve the local church and local church missionaries and will in no way undermine or circumvent the local church.

Our Mode

As an Independent fundamental Baptist ministry BIO rejects ecumenicalism, neo-evangelicalism, the charismatic movement, and the seeker friendly philosophy.

Our Methods

BIO missionaries practice old-fashioned soul winning and preaching, however in limited access countries where it is illegal to openly propagate the Gospel; symbiotic methods that do not violate Biblical principles are employed (i.e., Deaf education, Business, ESL, TEFL etc.).

Our Manpower

BIO requires proper Biblical accountability for all American missionaries and foreign nationals. Worldwide Missions is greatly enhanced by America’s men and money, nevertheless without Godly national leadership in world missions and church planting there is little hope for long-term success in any country.


BIO has over 100 American missionaries plus over 50 nationals missionaries serving in more than 20 countries around the world. These countries include Belarus, Belize, Botswana, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, Peru, Russia, South Africa, The Philippines, The United States, Venezuela, Vietnam, and Zambia.


The governing body of BIO is the Executive Council. The eleven members of this council are as follows:

Dr. John Yingling
Jefferson City, TN
Dr. Barry Rumsey
Vice President
Ruskin, FL
Bro. Terry Childers
General Director
Jefferson City, TN
Pastor Allen Minton
Fostoria, OH
Pastor Mark Campbell
Jefferson City, TN
Pastor Mark Ogle
Board Member
Starke, FL
Pastor Tim Whitfield
Board Member
Jonesboro, AR
Pastor Doyle Ashburn
Board Member
Pikeville, TN
Dr. Larry Pearson
Board Member
Anderson, SC
Pastor Alan Waddell
Board Member
Alton, IL
Dr. Frank Holman
Member Emeritus
Richmond, IN


The Lord has blessed BIO with veteran missionaries who assist the missionaries in specific fields.

Terry Childers
General Director
David Peach
Director of Deaf Ministries
Jeff Price
Latin American Director
Dominic Tascarella
Asian Director