BIO is involved in hosting various events for pastors, churches and missionaries. None of these events are limited to only BIO missionaries. Feel free to inquire about any of the events you might be interested in.

November Meeting — Conference on World Evangelism

Join us for a time of preaching focused on missions. Each year we come together in Pigeon Forge, TN for our Conference on World Evangelism. Contact the office for information about the November Meeting.

Training School

The third week of June is a special time for new and veteran BIO missionaries. Practical training on current missions topics and encouraging preaching is what to expect during a BIO Training School.

Deaf Training School

Occasionally our missionaries who work with the Deaf, whether they themselves are hearing or Deaf, study many of the same topics that are taught in our annual Training School. However, there are some topics covered which are of particular interest to those missionaries who work with the Deaf.


The SMART program is designed to help train durable missionaries. These are missionaries who are well prepared for the specific  rigors of missionary life. Practical topics are covered in each session lasting one to several days.