Bethel Baptist Deaf Church: Dodoma, Tanzania

Missionary Frank Laurent has been ministering faithfully in his home country of Tanzania since the summer of 2011. Bro. Frank is Deaf and has a burden to continue growing the church that he started a few years ago in the capital city of Dodoma. The church is growing and they are now constructing a church building. They started the project in October of 2014 and are building as they get the funds to do so.

Here is a letter from Bro. Frank explaining the building and the current needs for their construction.

Dear Friend,
We praise the Lord for His continued blessings upon our ministry among the Deaf of Tanzania. We have undertaken the project of building a new church building where the Deaf will come to worship the Lord. The project has been in progress since October 2014. This is taking too long because of financial difficulty in funding the project. However, we are grateful to God that we have received some donations that enabled us to build the walls and put up timbers for the roof installation. The project is expected to be fully completed by July 2017, but this will depend on the funding.

Our current challenge is that we’re raising funds to purchase the needed materials, and these materials are: iron roofing sheets, plumbing fixtures, electrical materials, tiles for flooring, cement, doors and windows. In order to finish everything we would need $12,000 more.

The building consists of the worship auditorium with a capacity of 250 seats, 4 rooms for offices, 1 classroom, 2 self-contained rooms for visitors (prophet’s chamber), meeting room, kitchen, lounge, and bathroom.

You can support Bro. Frank’s building project through PayPal or bysending funds through BIO. I would be glad to help answer any questions you might have. Click the photos to enjoy a larger version of them.

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