Joel Desir November 2019 Prayer Letter

By Joel Desir, Haiti

Dear Pastor and Church Family,
Greetings again in the name of the Lord Jesus. The Lord has been so good to us. There are so many things to be thankful for. Our ministry is doing well. We had the last church service at our old house on October 30th and began meeting at our new church property on November 3rd, even though it is not completely finished. We have been working to put on the roof for the last month. According to the contractor it should be finished December 8th. It is great to see the progress. We only need about $6,000 dollars to complete the church. Thank you for all those who have donated toward this project. New Testament Baptist Church is averaging about 150 people. Eighty one people have been baptized, two hundred forty people have accepted Christ and ten men have surrendered to preach since the church began one year ago.

December 15th-18th, we will be having our first National Bible Conference at New Testament Baptist Church in Haiti. There will be several national pastors attending the conference and four pastors from America who will be preaching for us. We are planning to have evening services with some morning teaching sessions.

Deborah Desir
November 24, 2019

January 21, 2020, we are planning to begin the Bible Institute, with Pastor Paul from Michigan being the first teacher.

God has blessed us with a precious baby girl, Deborah Desir. She was born on November 24, 2019, a few weeks after her due date. We are so thankful for all who prayed for a safe delivery.

I am flying to Haiti on Monday, Dec. 2. Lottie and Deborah will stay until the baby gets her passport to fly to Haiti.

Please pray for the upcoming events. Thank you again for partnering with us.

For His Glory,

The Joel Desir Family

You can download a PDF version of this letter if you would like it for printing.

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