Into All The World: Volume 8, Issue 4

Burgers, Cow Pies, and Sign Classes

The Remington Deaf Ranch Ministers on the Island of Mindanao

Feeding burgers to the 200 Deaf Vacation Bible School kids was a fun task in Tangub City, Mindanao, Philippines for graduation day! We were only there for the last day, but were given the honor to give a testimony and preach. We also helped hand out awards to the kids. Paul and I sang Jesus Loves Me while I signed it. This amazing church held five different Deaf Vacation Bible Schools throughout the city with two or more workers per group. It was a fun time!

One Sunday Paul preached at a church, while I presented my testimony and preached at another church in the same area for the morning services. We had to cross a cow pasture to get to the church. I warned my Remington Ranch student to watch his step, or he might become a cowboy!

We held a sign language class for several days. There are enough students from four churches to have reasonable deaf ministries in each church. Each of these also has potential of doing a deaf Sunday school class. During the classes we had a day for them to teach lessons from the Bible. On another day we had men and boys preach short, four minute messages in signs. The girls shared their life verses. They will grow in time, and Missionary Bob Himes has offered to help them.

We thank the Lord, that many Deaf were saved during our mission trip!

BIO News

A Word From the Office

We praise the Lord that Travis and Faye Dykes have returned safe from a successful trip to Ethiopia and Zambia. Much was accomplished for Joyce’s Kids Ministry!

We are currently working on plans for our 2019 Training School (June 18-21). We look to have three new missionary candidate families, along with some of our veteran missionaries participate. It will be a great week. Please pray for the planning, preparation, and participation!

Home Safe From Venezuela!

From Jason and Sarah Sykes

We are so grateful for all the prayers of those who followed us via social media (Facebook) through our departure from Venezuela. It has been quite some time since we have been able to communicate through prayer letter because of both the internet situation as well as the electricity situation. While we were still there, I had to be very careful how we communicated as to not draw any attention to us or say anything that might flag the interest of someone who was a Chavista. Although we were never personally threatened, rumblings in the street showed us that things were taking a turn and it was time to leave.

Our departure was nothing short of miraculous. Even our departure has served many in Venezuela as a testimony of God’s faithfulness in the midst of uncertain times. About a week before we left, the whole country had a five day blackout. The only places that had light were the presidential palace and the people who had electric generators. It was definitely a faith strengthening time because as it was happening, we had no idea how long the blackout would last. God was good and even our frozen meat and vegetables were able to be used up until the last day. It was during the next week we saw that the U.S. Embassy was making a complete evacuation of Venezuela. We had seen the embassy evacuate nonessential personnel in the past, but this was the first time that they evacuated everyone and the decision was unanimous that we leave the country. Since our departure blackouts have become the norm.

Please pray for the people there. We struggled with our emotions leaving. Thankfully, the church we left had a national pastor, and God continues to do a great work, but our hearts are still there! Please pray that we will soon see the fall of the dictator in order to return again next year after our furlough.

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