Into All the World: Volume 5, Issue 2

News From Chris & Lucinda Radebaugh

Missionaries to the Deaf in South Africa

In the Old Testament, Job asked the question, “How then can man be justified with God? or how can he be clean that is born of a woman?” It seems this question has been asked by people throughout history, evidenced by the multitude of religions that attempt to provide some remedy for the problem this question identifies. Not far from where we live is the largest Muslim mosque in the southern hemisphere. The Nizamiye Masjid can accommodate up to 6,000 men and women, with a school, market, clinic, and a planned university in Islamic studies. We encounter Muslims on a day to day basis and pray for their salvation. Islam is one of the religions that has tried to answer Job’s question. The Five Pillars of Islam are designed so that a Muslim can try to provide their god with enough good works with the hope that he will be compelled to save them.

One of the young ladies in the Deaf church has a Muslim boyfriend. She brought him to some of our special events and he was quick to let everyone know, “I am Muslim!” That didn’t stop our people from showing him love and encouragement. Evidently, this had an effect on him because he came with her to church a few times. And, our people continued to show him love and encouragement. He asked to talk and we had the opportunity to give a clear presentation of the Gospel. He didn’t come to Christ, but he is interested.

SMART Construction Training Opportunity

image of ministry logoThe idea behind SMART is to help missionaries gain a variety of practical skills that will help them endure some of the difficulties they might encounter while serving on a foreign field. Our usual approach is to conduct classroom training modules. Right now, however, there is a unique opportunity to learn some basic construction skills hands-on instead of just classroom training.

The Heritage Baptist Church, a young church in Mountain View, Arkansas, has purchased an older church building. The auditorium is in need of repairs and general remodeling. The SMART ministry sees this as a two-fold opportunity. First is the opportunity to be a blessing to a young church by helping work on their building. The second opportunity is that those who would like to join us can get some hands-on experience in general remodeling. This could prove to be especially beneficial for missionaries who would like to increase their knowledge of construction processes before heading to their field of service.

Men (especially missionaries) and their teenage sons who would like some on-the-job training in basic construction trades are welcome to participate. There are various indoor projects involving general carpentry, basic electrical, plumbing repairs, drywall hanging and finishing, installing floor tile.

Heritage Baptist Church is located in Mountain View, Arkansas, which is approximately 2.5 hours north of Little Rock. Please plan on joining us March 3-11, 2016. Contact Terry Childers for more details.

Rebeca Seals

Missionary to Yucatan, Mexico

picture of the flag of YucatanRebeca was born in the Yucatan and was adopted by Missionaries Odis and Betty Seals. She was saved at the age of six at one of the Bible clubs. At the age of 15 Rebeca surrendered to the mission field. From that time forward Rebeca has been active in teaching children through junior church and through organizing Vacation Bible Schools. She also teaches in the International Baptist Institute. With a degree in music she directs the institute choir. She is an accomplished soloist.

Rebeca has been serving as a full time missionary for over twelve years. She has been with BIO since 2007. Rebeca will be here in the States through May. If you would like to have her in your church please e-mail her. She would be a blessing to your church, especially the ladies and children, and is worthy of your support.

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