Into All the World: Volume 4, Issue 9

News From Angie Seals

Missionary serving in Mexico

This summer has been very hard, short but rewarding. We had one youth camp and six vacation Bible schools.

Once again we had the privilege of having Miss Linda Castleberry for four weeks, who was of great help in several vacation Bible schools during the summer, and we were also blessed with the return of Brother Jimmie Long, his wife Faye and their daughter Elizabeth, who were of great blessing once again with their clown ministry in the vacation Bible school of Tecoh.

The youth camp lasted three days, and we had an attendance of 18 young people. With workers and all we averaged 30. Brother Moises, Brother Estaban, and Brother Jamie each took a day to teach. Each presented a Bible character and focused on what they faced as young people in a world that did not know God, and how each one of them were able to be a witness in their convictions.


Make Plans To Attend!

We are planning and preparing for our annual fall meeting in Pigeon Forge. Like last year, the meeting will be held at the Holiday Inn Resort in Pigeon Forge, TN. Our schedule is a little different this year with the banquet starting on Tuesday, November 10th at 6:30 PM. The meeting concludes on Thursday evening.

Brother Norman Johnston will be our main speaker. We will also have the opportunity to honor Dr. Mike Mayfield with the Faithful Man Award. It will be a wonderful time as usual. You can purchase your banquet tickets through PayPal.

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Deputation For The Far East

Missionaries Matt & Rebekah L.

Photo of thousands of people.

Matt and Rebekah are making progress toward their departure goal. They have 50% of their support need raised. The Far East district that they feel led to minister in has a population of at least 44 million. The need is great. Matt and Rebekah are veteran missionaries. Let’s help get them to the field as soon as possible!

Please pray for this family of five as they minister on deputation. Pray for their safety as they travel. Pray for effective meetings so that they will be at 100% soon. Finally, pray that God will use them to challenge His people for missions while they are here.

Matt recently purchased an RV for their deputation. They are hitting the road hard in the western part of the United States. Their current home and sending church is in California. If you would like to have this family in your church please contact Brother Matt L.

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