Berhanu Yosef May 2014 Prayer Letter

God’s Work Continues in East Africa

Our work in Ethiopia is going very well by the grace of our Lord. We are doing very good in our Bible trainings in different locations. Right now we do have 10 centers. Our Bible trainings centers are creating spiritual maturity and good Christian fellowship. Praise the Lord the students are actively involved in their churches helping their pastors.

I thank the Lord about his provision through the Carpenter’s Project ministry. Brother John Conrad raised funds to build a church building for Langano Bethel Baptist Church. Last month we had a wonderful dedication program.

Photo of Pastor BerhanuGod has blessed us with many visitors from the US this year. Pastor Lou Schulz and Brother John Conrad from Faith Baptist in Palm Bay, FL visited us in February. We had a wonderful time with them. Our people were blessed by their teaching during their stay. They spoke to our Bible schools students and at our pastor’s conference. Truly they have been a great blessing for all of us. I myself was personally blessed and encouraged.

Please pray for these students that want to finish the 3 year program – Gerum Dejene, Zenebe Moges, and Ane. Gerum Dejene and Zenebe Moges come from the northern part of our ministry in Ethiopia that is dominated by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. These churches are so rigid. These two brothers got saved in a very special way by the work of the Holy Spirit. They have amazing separation out of that darkness to follow the Lord out of these religious communities. They have been rejected by their families and communities. I thank the Lord about his wonderful work in these brother’s lives. They have become a great blessing to all of us, especially to our Bible school. I am looking forward to see the day they will be sent to mission field.

The other student is Ane. He is an Ethiopian Jew. the Ethiopian Jews are treated by our people very bad. They are a people marginalized by all tribes. Ane and his people are nearly 50 families. Last year one of the Ethiopian Jewish men and a girl from another tribe agreed to marry. Because of this all of the community came out and burned down their 50 homes; therefore, all 50 families had to leave their village to a very remote area and live a meager life. I am glad that one of our churches in the southern part of Ethiopia accepted him and his family as their true brother and have sent him to our school. In spite of all of this Ane loves the Lord and wants to live the Christian life, but it is not easy.

With regard to Pastor Abraham in South Sudan the situation is geting bad. Some of our people fled to one of the refugee camps on the border of Ethiopia, but not from Abraham’s tribe because he is from the Dinka Tribe. Those who are Nuer Tribe fled to our border. I am planning to go to the border to visit some of our Nuer friends.

I just spoke with Abraham this morning. We are in constant contact but most of time their network is so bad. They are in a very desperate situation. All of their village burned down. They get some aid from their government but not enough. I am sending Abraham some money when I get a way. He told me they have big problem to get enough food and clean water. Please continue praying for Abraham and his people and my visit to the border of south Sudan. I have some Nuer brothers.

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