Into All The World: Volume 3, Issue 4

News From Scott & Laura

Missionaries to Central Asia

I am pleased to report that the last two weeks of February and March on our newly designed web page, we have had downloads and live stream listening from 15 different countries. All Central Asian countries listen, including Pakistan and Iran with over 20 minutes average time on page. This is huge. With the new design, a person can live stream and listen to God’s Word by chapter. This is the safest way for someone in a Muslim country to hear God’s Word. I firmly believe that when a spiritually minded Muslim hears God’s Word in their own language, they will hear the difference between the way the Bible speaks and the Quran’s structure. Please keep this ministry in prayer.


BIO President Visits General MacArthur

The second leg of our (Garvin & Faye Dykes) recent trip took us to the Philippines where we have been many times. However, this was to be a different kind of trip. We were with Chris and Carol Woodley and Nap and Shirley Donado, and souls were saved in both their churches when I preached. Faye also spent time with Carol and the Deaf School.

You will remember though, that last November Typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippines with a vengeance, leaving behind death and destruction like I have never witnessed before. The worst of the damage was to Eastern Samar and Leyte Islands, where at least 10,000 people were killed and many thousands left homeless. There was hardly a building of any kind that wasn’t damaged and most were completely destroyed. We went to ground zero, which was Eastern Samar, to the town of General MacArthur. In about half an hour a crowd of over 300 had gathered. We had a service for the adults and children separately with around 100 professions of faith, and then gave them medicine, food and clothing, which had been provided through churches and individuals. There is not a church in the town and we are praying that God will send someone there.

Filipinos are wonderful people and have an indomitable spirit. Our driver said, “We are homeless, but we are not hopeless.” I left with two thoughts: We had done so very little and gratitude to the Lord for his blessings on me.

Canadian flag painted on the face of a child.New Church Starting in Bancroft, Ontario

Missionaries Lonnie and Nodja Blount

Lonnie Blount is ministering in Bancroft, Ontario this week in preparation for a church plant in this predominately Catholic town. The Blounts have been working toward this goal for a long time. We are thrilled to see their diligence and patience finally pay off. In June they will begin Bible studies. These Bible studies will be the basis for a new church. Please pray for this family and the new work.

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