Into All The World: Volume 3, Issue 5

News From Berhanu & Wubit

Missionaries to East Africa

With regard to Pastor Abraham in South Sudan the situation is getting bad. Some of our people fled to one of the refugee camps on the border of Ethiopia, but not from Abraham’s tribe because he is from the Dinka Tribe. Those who are Nuer Tribe fled to our border. I am planning to go to the border to visit some of our Nuer friends.

I just spoke with Abraham this morning. We are in constant contact but most of time their network is so bad. They are in a very desperate situation. All of their village burned down. They get some aid from their government but not enough. I am sending Abraham some money when I get a way. He told me they have big problem to get enough food and clean water. Please continue praying for Abraham and his people and my visit to the border of South Sudan. I have some Nuer brothers.


New Missionary Families

We are pleased that God gave us two new missionary families this month. We welcome Kevin and JoAnn Trout, missionaries to the Philippines on the island of Mindanao. We also welcome Matt and Becky L., missionaries to a limited access nation in Asia. We praise the Lord for the opportunity to help these two fine families and their sending churches as they seek to fulfill the Great Commission.

We are currently praying for a new missionary family that would go to Botswana. There is a tremendous ministry opportunity there among the hearing and the Deaf. Would you pray with us?

Missionaries Return to South Africa with Blessings

Missionaries Chris and Lucinda Radebaugh

Picture of the new van.Chris and Lucinda returned to South Africa praising the Lord for His blessings. The first blessing was the state of the church in Johannesburg. Brother Chris Radebaugh wrote, “Matthews is a very good preacher and the other men have shown real leadership.” Mature national leadership is something a missionary strives for, often for many years. Furthermore, while the Radebaughs were on furlough they sought to raise funds for a new combi (van). God helped them find the perfect vehicle. Praise the Lord! “The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it.”

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