Into All the World: Volume 5, Issue 8

Your Seed is Growing

Emmanuel and Sophina Onyempka serve in Nigeria.

Early last month I was at my lowest, but God encouraged me on two occasions. One was at a burial I attended. There, a woman hugged me with a wide smile on her face and said, “Your seed is growing.” I said, “What seed?” She replied, “The seed you planted in me is growing, and I thank God for you, thank you sir!” She reminded me how God used me to lead her to Christ and help her grow. This in no small way lifted my spirit, but God was not done with me yet. Two weeks after, on my sick bed, I got a phone call. It was a woman I did not know. She said, “You gave me a Gospel tract along College Road, Sliding into Hell on a Church Pew.” I said, “Yes, but what can I do for you now? She said, “I was that person in that tract, but I am no more there now. You saved me, and I want to meet with you.” Because I was weak, I told her to come to my office after two days. At the appointed time that day, she walked into my office with a wide smile, pulled out that old tract, and said, “You see I was the person in this tract, but you have saved me!” Well, I tried to let her know that Jesus is the Savior, but she continued to say that God used me to do the work. She was full of joy, but I tell you, my own joy had no bound.

The Fall Meeting

Our Fall Meeting will be here before you know it. It is scheduled for November 15-17. Please make plans to attend today. Pastor Mark Campbell and Faith Baptist Church in Jefferson City, TN will host this year’s meeting. Dr. Jack Reiss will be our main speaker. John and Alana Allen will provide the special music. The theme for the meeting is Into All the World. Quality Inn of Dandridge, TN has promised to give you a nice, clean room and a hot breakfast for $69.99 plus tax. Call (865) 397-4310 and tell them you are with BIO to make your reservation today!

Jeff & Sandra Price Headed to Language School!

Missionaries to Bolivia

BoliviaJeff and Sandra Price have completed their deputation schedule and are currently at 95%. They have raised their support in a little over a year. Jeff and Sandra will be headed to Costa Rica in September for a six week, intensive Spanish refresher course. Please pray with the Prices as they travel and transition from deputation ministry to language school. After completing language school they will immediately begin the immigration process for Bolivia.

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