Louisiana Flood Victims

I realize many individuals and agencies, large and small, are helping the flood victims in Louisiana, but there are always some niches to be filled. I have personal contact with the pastors and churches in Vermilion Parish where the flooding was the worst, and they will be working for weeks. The water crested 8 to 10 feet high and the houses will have to be torn back to the framework because of mold. Some can’t even start on that yet.

They need money and they will need labor.

If you would like to help, there are two ways to do it. You can send your money through BIO and we will guarantee that they know who sent it. If you prefer, you can also contact Brother Curtis Gibson directly via his email. He was a missionary in France for a number of years, and now is a church planter. He lives in Abbeville, which is not far from Lafayette. This is the heart of Cajun Country.

If you give through BIO you can get a tax deduction; I don’t know if you can by sending it direct. All I ask is that if you help directly, you would let me know so I can better coordinate my efforts. You may contact me by phone, text or email. Please mark any donations “flood victims.”

Brother Gibson is a precious and hard-working man, and he said to me, “The water stopped six inches from my door. I think the Lord did that so that I could help others.”

You can contact me by phone or text at 865-382-0900.

Send donations to:

Flood Victims
Baptist International Outreach
PO Box 587
Jefferson City, TN 37760

Or donate through PayPal.

In addition to financial support, BIO is organizing a work trip to help with the relief effort. Please download our presentation on the relief efforts.

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