Into All the World: Volume 5, Issue 4

News From Kevin & Jo Ann Trout

Missionaries serving in Mindanao, Philippines

Praise the Lord for His faithfulness and goodness to us as we serve Him here in Mindanao. Praise the Lord for answers to prayer by way of a new supporter. Please keep this need in your prayers. We pray that others would partner with us financially as well.

We were able to carry out the street children feeding ministry again this past February. What a joy! The Lord enabled us to not only give them a good meal but to preach the Gospel to them as well. We were given the opportunity to share the Gospel to over 200 needy children by the sea shore. After that the children received a hot snack. What a blessing!

We have two more children in our care now. Jo Ann is teaching them also. The two new boys are Noel and Michael. Noel, who is 11 years old, is off the street. Noel’s family does not want anything to do with him, not even his own mother. He was known as a troublemaker and a thief. He recently received Jesus Christ as his Saviour. Please pray for him as he adjusts.

Office News

We praise the Lord for the opportunity to set up the BIO display at the Baptist Friends Meeting in Powell, TN. We were able to make some great contacts and see some old friends.

Our annual BIO Training School has been scheduled for June 28-30. This school will have a special emphasis toward the Deaf. Pastor Bruce Kelly and Richard McMillen will be our special guests. Brother Kelly is the pastor of Deaf Baptist Church in Smyrna, GA. Richard McMillen is a former CPA and the founder of Pulpit & Pew Finances.

Berhanu & Wubit

Missionaries to East Africa

2 elephants walking“Twelve years ago God gave me a vision to work in the region of East Africa. At that time I received a burden from the Lord. Even though I received this burden from Him I struggled when I thought of the practical part of this work. Praise the Lord that things that are impossible to us are possible with Him. By his wonderful grace and providence he opened a door for East Africa Baptist Mission (EABM) in Uganda, Northern Kenya, South Sudan and also in Ethiopia. Because God opened a door for us many lost have been found and churches are being planted, and nearly 1,875 men and women have been trained and equipped in 127 different teaching centers.”

Berhanu and Wubit are in the States through May.

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