Into All The World: Volume 3, Issue 9

News From Shawn & Leslie Beliveau

Missionaries serving in Vancouver, British Columbia

Another two weeks of camp YES has come to a close. We had four campers and two teen helpers attend junior camp and four teens enjoyed teen week. Leslie and I were counselors during teen camp.

We are so grateful for what God did. One child who rides our van to church trusted Christ, and other young people sought direction regarding their next step in life. Some made a decision to memorize Scripture more frequently, and still others said they wanted to be more consistent in their Christian life (a topic that was preached about at teen camp). We now begin the process of helping these young people grow and stick to their decisions.

We are so thankful to Pastor Conner and the wonderful people at Greater Vancouver Baptist Church who host camp each year. All the children and teens at Urban Community Baptist Church talk about camp for weeks after it is over, and they are already eager for next summer.


The November Meeting

We are looking forward to our annual Fall Meeting. This year it will be held at the Holiday Inn Hotel and Convention Center in beautiful Pigeon Forge, TN. It all begins with a banquet on November 10th, at 6:30 PM. We will be honoring Dr. Neal Beard with the Faithful Man Award. Dr. Charles Keen will be our keynote speaker. Other speakers will include Pastor Norm Johnston from Ambassador Baptist College and Dr. Emmett Manley.

The meeting will end here at the BIO Office for the dedication of our new training facilities on Wednesday, November 12th. Please call the BIO office today for your banquet tickets. Call the Holiday Inn before October 13th for your room reservation in order to secure your BIO discount (1-800-555-2650). We look forward to seeing you there!

Image of Italian flag with the words Welcome to ItalyVeteran Missionaries, New Field

Missionaries Shane & Kathy Rice

After many years serving God in Peru the Lord has led Shane and Kathy Rice to relocate to the field of Italy. In their most recent prayer letter Shane writes, “When we arrived in Peru about 12 years ago, we had a total of 26 bags packed at 70 lbs with only 4 children then. We now were leaving Peru with 6 children and 22 bags all packed at 50 lbs.” He later wrote, “We left many things behind, but we pray the biggest thing left was a testimony that pleased God.”

The Rice family left much more than that. They left many souls saved and lives changed. They left behind an indigenous local church with a national pastor. Alternatively, they brought much more back as well. They brought back many years of excellent missionary experience. They brought back fluency in the Spanish language. Knowing Spanish will help them quickly have a working knowledge of Italian since they are both Romantic languages. Italy is a very needy field. I thank God that He is sending such capable missionaries. You can follow them at

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