Into All The World: Volume 3, Issue 11

News From Pablo & Norma Ramirez

Deaf Missionaries serving in Central America

BIO missionary Pablo Ramirez has been working with the Deaf in Costa Rica for many years. One of the deaf men he trained is now the pastor of the deaf church while Pablo pastors the hearing congregation. They have a great ministry to the needs of the Deaf but also incorporate the deaf congregation in the activities of the hearing church. Bro. David Peach visited this dynamic and growing ministry in 2013.

This week Bro. Ramirez and three deaf men from the church in Costa Rica are traveling to Guatemala to put together a camp for the Deaf. Bro. Ramirez and the church are involved in putting together camps for the Deaf in several countries in Central America. The airfare for this trip is about $1,500. If you would like to help defer the cost of their travel you may use the PayPal link below. You don’t need a PayPal account to make this tax deductible donation.

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Counting Our November Blessings

Our annual meeting in Pigeon Forge was truly a blessing. God blessed in many ways. All of the messages were on target and the music was spiritually uplifting. You can listen to the November Meeting messages on our website.

We were blessed with the opportunity to help another missionary couple and their sending church fulfill the Great Commission. Jeff and Sandra Price are missionaries to Bolivia sent out of Victory Baptist Church in Maryville, TN. Pastor Steve Craft and the Prices met with us during our November Meeting. Jeff and Sandra were unanimously approved, and are our newest BIO missionaries.

It was a blessing to dedicate the new BIO Training Center. We thank God for the many volunteers and the financial gifts that made this possible. There are still a few items that can be underwritten if you are interested.

Several of our missionaries along with missionaries from three other agencies were blessed by the Leadership Development Module that was presented by Wayne Martin. This SMART module was the first one offered in our new facility. There is no doubt that everyone that participated in this event was the beneficiary of some incredible information.

Caught in the Middle

Emmanuel & Sophina Onyemkpa

The Onyemkpa family has been ministering in Nigeria for over two decades as BIO missionaries. They are sent out of Bible Baptist Church in Gainesville, GA, and have planted the Bible Baptist Church in Enugu, which is a little more than 180 miles south of Abuja, the capital city.

Muslims dominate the northern half of Nigeria while nominal Christianity heavily influences the south. Even as extremists wreak havoc in the north, “Christians” in the south have been relentless in their attacks on Brother Emmanuel and the Bible Baptist Church. It is a pleasure to have Emmanuel here in the US for a few months. Please consider inviting him to your church. He will be a tremendous blessing to your church and you could be a source of great encouragement to him and the Bible Baptist Church of Enugu.

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