What is BIO’s Philosophy of Ministry?


  • Our Motive

BIO’s desire is to please and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ by assisting local church missionaries and foreign nationals in planting indigenous local churches
(i.e., self governing, self supporting, and self propagating local churches).

  • Our Means

The means by which ministry is to be carried out is through the living organism called the local church. BIO believes that God has ordained local churches to plant local churches. Therefore BIO endeavors to serve the local church and local church missionaries and will in no way undermine or circumvent the local church.

  • Our Mode

As an Independent fundamental Baptist ministry BIO rejects ecumenicalism,
neo-evangelicalism, the charismatic movement, and the seeker friendly philosophy.

  • Our Methods

BIO missionaries practice old-fashioned soul winning and preaching, however in limited access countries where it is illegal to openly propagate the Gospel; symbiotic methods that do not violate Biblical principles are employed (i.e., Deaf education, Business, ESL, TEFL etc.).

  • Our Manpower

BIO requires proper Biblical accountability for all American missionaries and foreign nationals. Worldwide Missions is greatly enhanced by America’s men and money, nevertheless without Godly national leadership in world missions and church planting there is little hope for long-term success in any country.

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