Rebeca Seals October 2014 Prayer Letter

This letter was written by BIO Missionary, Rebeca Seals.

Dear Friends,
In my last letter we were just beginning VBS. The mission of Tekit proved to be a great blessing with an attendance that reached one hundred and the result of two children now faithful to Sunday school. VBS in Timucuy was next, and the ladies did a good job bringing in the children. During the VBS in the Mission of Pixyah, we had the great blessing of having Miss Linda Castleberry with us. She was involved in teaching the children and helping during game time, and took lots of pictures for us. On Tuesday, August 12, we had the great honor of welcoming Bro. Jim Long and his family. They were a great joy and blessing to have during the VBS of Tecoh, which this year took place for 4 days. Enclosed is a letter from Bro. Long about their time with us, please be sure to read. The last 3 nights of VBS in the mission of X-Kanchacan resulted in two professions of Faith, and 16 children in Sunday school the very next day! We praise the Lord for all the good attendance and results in the different Vacation Bible Schools.

As mentioned above, Miss Linda Castleberry came to be with us for two weeks. We had a good time with her, and she got to see a lot of our day in and day out activities, and was very much involved in the day to day preparations for the ministry. During her time with us the Lord began dealing with her heart about missions and she responded to the Call of being a missionary. We rejoice with her and we ask you to pray with us for this special young lady as she begins her journey to becoming a missionary.

On Tuesday September the 16th a special service celebrating Independence Day here in Mexico was held on the camp grounds. Bro. Diego Flores brought the message of “Responding to the Call”. That night we had an attendance of 120, and there was a good fellowship time with all. The ladies did an excellent job in bringing food that had the flag colors, green, white and red. We had a special prize for those who brought the best looking food. They all enjoyed this time, and we thank the Lord for the time we had with all the churches and missions. Also on this night the mother of the two children of the mission of Tekit, who have been coming to Sunday School, came to this special service and for the first time heard the Gospel. There were also other visitors that came and we ask you to pray with us for another opportunity to share the gospel with them in their homes.

At this time I take the opportunity to thank each and every one of you for praying for our family as we have been facing cancer treatments alongside my Mom. She is about half way done with Chemo, and in mid October she will begin Radiation. We thank the Lord for the opportunity we will have to be with her for a few days at the beginning of October. Once again thank you for all your prayers for her during this time.

In Christ,

Rebeca Seals

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