Living in Two Worlds

The story of Gomeju Tafesse’s life is as challenging and inspiring as that of any missionary in history. We recommend it to every Christian, but especially to children and young people. While this book is packed with information, it can be read in a very brief time. This is by design so that more people will be encouraged to read it in these busy days.

Book cover, Living in Two Worlds

Gomeju was a happy, healthy Ethiopian girl who loved music and dancing until she was eleven years old. Then she was stricken with meningitis and the high fevers changed her life forever. Suddenly she could not participate in the world she was living in, because she was totally deaf. Neither could she participate in the deaf world, because she could not communicate. She was “living in two worlds” and did not really belong to either.

She went through a long period of illness and hopelessness, during which she would not even leave her home. She asked God, “Why did you make me better than the dead, but less than the living?” Then she met Missionary Joyce Vick and began attending her School for the Deaf. She learned fast and soon demonstrated a gift for teaching. Before long she was saved and the school had to close for a time as revival broke out. She still lives in two worlds but participates well in both of them. You will want to read what God has done with her life.

The book is available for a $10 donation which includes the cost of shipping. The proceeds from Living in Two Worlds will go to the Joyce’s Kids ministry. To order a copy please contact the BIO offices. If you want several copies, the postage would be less, so contact us about a lower suggested donation.

Living in Two Worlds: Gomeju’s Story. Written by Garvin and Faye Dykes. 2012.

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