Director of Deaf Ministries to Visit Ethiopia

The Deaf Ministries Director for BIO, David Peach will be traveling to Ethiopia to visit our various ministries located there. We are privileged to be part of many works in Ethiopia and particularly important are different ministries working with the Deaf.

This is Bro. Peach’s first trip to see these works in person. He will spend much of his time getting to know the missionaries on a personal level.

The VICKtory School for the Deaf is located in Addis Ababa. This school is led by Sister Gomeju who has been a faithful servant of the Lord for many years. Bro. Peach is excited to see the progress on the new building.

Pastor Bizuayehu has become a dear friend to Bro. David through email. They will finally meet in person. Bro. Bizuayehu has a deaf church and has helped to train other national pastors. Bro. Peach will visit several of these churches while he is in the country for three weeks.

Pleas pray that the trip will be profitable for both Bro. Peach and the ministries he will visit. David returns to the United States on December 19.

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