African Director Visiting Kenya and Zambia

Bro. Terry Childers, BIO’s African Director, leaves today to visit Kenya and Zambia. He will be attending a few ceremonies and conducting a SMARTraining session with missionaries from BIO and other boards.

Ordination in Kenya

Crossed flag pins showing the flags of Kenya and ZambiaBro. Childers will take part in an ordination for Pastor Laban. Bro. Laban was saved within a few weeks of the Childers’ arrival in Africa. Later Bro. Laban became the assistant pastor and finally the pastor of the Rumba Baptist Church in 2000. He will be ordained on April 21 and then the church will host a Bible Conference the next few days. Bro. Childers will take part in the meetings.

While in Kenya, Bro. Terry will visit many old friends. One of his friends is a Muslim man. Bro. Terry is praying for an open opportunity to witness and that his friend will be receptive.

SMARTraining in Zambia

After a little more than a week in Kenya he will travel to Zambia to conduct a SMARTraining session. The Price and Hayton families will attend as well as missionary friends who would like to participate in the Livingstone area. Bro. Childers will teach the Personal Security session he was able to teach in November. This will include personal safety and evacuation strategies for missionaries.

Later Bro. Terry will move to the capital of Zambia to meet with BIO missionary Yohannes. Among other things they will do housing and vehicle research for the Sauders who plan to be in Zambia later this year.

Please pray for his trip. Bro. Childers is scheduled to return to the BIO office May 12.

[Crossed flag image source: Crossed Flag Pins.]

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