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Photo of the Martinez Family
Rey and Nichole Martinez

Lakota Sioux Tribe, Rosebud Reservation, SD “How shall they hear?” Rey and Nicole joined BIO in November of 2008 with a desire to reach the Lakota Sioux with the the Gospel. They are currently on deputation with a desire to arrive at the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota in 2013. Though still on deputation, they […]

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  • Into All the World: Volume 5, Issue 4

    News From Kevin & Jo Ann Trout Missionaries serving in Mindanao, Philippines Praise the Lord for His faithfulness and goodness to us as we serve Him here in Mindanao. Praise the Lord for answers to prayer by way of a new supporter. Please keep this need in your prayers. We pray that others would partner […]

  • Into All the World: Volume 5, Issue 3

    News From Waley and Janna Orekan Belorussian Missionaries serving in Nigeria Since the beginning of this year the main focus of our ministry has been shifted to the deaf ministries. I now spend more time with the deaf brethren than with the hearing ones. Though we are still living in Lagos, I have to drive […]

  • Into All the World: Volume 5, Issue 2

    News From Chris & Lucinda Radebaugh Missionaries to the Deaf in South Africa In the Old Testament, Job asked the question, “How then can man be justified with God? or how can he be clean that is born of a woman?” It seems this question has been asked by people throughout history, evidenced by the […]

  • Into All the World: Volume 5, Issue 1

    News From James & Karen Howard Missionaries to Canada Proclaiming Christ for Canada is far more than a catchy phrase we use to speak of our ministry. It may be found on our letterhead, prayer cards, and even on our website —¬†, but it also tells of our purpose and calling. It has always remained […]

  • Into All the World: Volume 4, Issue 12

    News From Bizuayehu & Tsehai Deaf Missionaries to the Deaf of Ethiopia Thank you very much for your daily prayer for the Gospel ministry among the Deaf. Because of your support and prayers the Deaf are able to hear the living Word of God and souls are saved. God bless you. Please continue to remember […]