Into All the World: Volume 5, Issue 9

News From Danny and Jordan Bonikowsky

Missionaries to the Basque Region of Spain

In addition to the regular preaching and teaching ministries, throughout the summer we have had numerous activities for our young people, as well as fellowships with other churches. In August we had our yearly workers’ retreat at Aierdi. This is a four day retreat for church workers throughout Spain and is always a time of great spiritual refreshment and teaching.

Jordan and I have also continued to get involved in our town activities and events. Both of us teach weekly English classes and we are continuing to make friends and contacts. The Lord has given us several opportunities for spiritual conversations and witnessing in these past months.

Throughout the summer, Jordan has spent countless hours studying Spanish with Tete Alvarez. She is making progress! Last Sunday at church, we had a visiting couple from the USA. At one point I was delighted to overhear Jordan translating back and forth between them and one of our local believers. Her diligent study is paying off!

Louisiana Flooding, Church Reconstruction and a SMART Module

After thirty inches of rain fell on parts of Louisiana we took a survey trip to see what could be done to help churches which had been damaged.

The sight was surreal at St. Amant Baptist Church: ruined building materials and furnishings piled six feet high in the yard. Members had gutted out the auditorium and adjoining buildings. A similar situation met us at St. James Baptist Church. The Lord is leading us to help these churches with their reconstruction.

On their behalf we appeal for financial donations. Small gifts from many people will make a huge difference. You, your church, even your Sunday School class can have a part. Funds will be put toward the massive reconstruction costs.SMART ministry logo

We need volunteers for a two-week work trip, tentatively beginning November 28th. Check often at for actual dates and other details. Please consider coming for a few days even if you can’t spare two weeks.

This work trip includes a special feature, a SMART Basic Construction Training class. We invite missionaries to come and learn the basics of the building process (e.g., wood framing, concrete work, electrical, plumbing). While you are helping churches in their hour of need, you can learn skills that will help you on the field.

For a better understanding of this project be sure to view the PowerPoint at And would you seek the Lord’s leading on the role He has for you in meeting this enormous need?

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David & Drea White Take a Short Furlough

Map of ChileMissionaries to Chile

In just three years David and Drea have learned Spanish and have become a huge blessing to the brothers and sisters in Chile as church planting missionaries.

Currently the Whites are home for a little more than five months. They hope to raise a little more support. David is scheduling meetings now through the first part of January. Your church would be blessed by this family and their ministry. Please contact him today.

There are many future opportunities that await the Whites. Upon their return to Chile in January, David and Drea would like to start a new Bible study at another location. Furthermore, a large group of Haitian immigrants have settled in Santiago. The Whites will work to encourage a Bible study among these people with the goal of a church plant.

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