Into All The World: Volume 3, Issue 7

News From Jason & Kate Christiansen

Missionaries in the Middle East

“We were visiting a village in the desert recently when God opened to us an amazing opportunity to share the Gospel with a friend there, whom we’ll call M. Islam teaches many of the stories from the Bible (Abraham, Joseph, David) but with the glaring exception that, according to the Koran, Jesus never died on the cross. M. considered this just a small difference of no real consequence. So the Lord allowed me to tell him why the cross means everything! I have never seen anyone in such anxiety over the thought of the Judgement. He said he has questioned in the past if Islam was truly the “right religion”. I believe there are many with these same doubts and questions. We sat around a campfire until early the next morning talking about the Lord. I wish I could spend every day sharing the Word so freely, with the Holy Spirit so evident.”


A Blessed Trip

The Lord allowed me and two of my children to travel to Romania to encourage one of our missionaries. God gave us a profitable trip. We were encouraged by two things.

The first thing that encouraged us was the spiritual depth of the Romanian Churches. It thrilled our souls to see God’s people pray (as many as 25 in one service) and worship God together for over 2.5 hours. This was not an isolated incident; it was the usual pattern in all four of the churches that we visited.

Secondly, we were encouraged by the work that our missionary, Gemma Mastromarino, is doing. It was a thrill to see the gifts that God has given her being used to meet the exact need of the Romanian Churches. I rejoice that BIO can have a part in what God is doing in Romania.

Picture of a man from AsiaBack to the Work

Missionaries Jeremy and Ling

On July 31, this dear family will return to the field of their calling. God has given them a profitable ministry in the Far East. Now that they have visited friends and family and have raised a little more support on their furlough they are headed back.

God has opened an opportunity for them to minister among some of the least reached people of this world. Please pray for them as they travel, resettle, and engage once again in preaching and teaching the Word of God.

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