Into All The World: Volume 3, Issue 1

News From Bill & Jennifer Green

Missionaries to the Deaf in Merida, Yucatan

Two new projects are in the works for early next year. We have always used the printed Bible tracts that other churches and mission ministries have provided us, but in January we will be publishing our first tracts for the church. They will include information about the church and the plan of salvation. We will also be publishing a special tract to give to the deaf. It will include a simple plan of salvation in both words and sign language and a map to our church. In February we will begin a literacy program for those who don’t know how to read or who read at a very basic level. We ask that you pray for God’s guidance as we work out the final details for these projects.


VICKtory School Needs Your Help!

On September 10, 2001, VICKtory School for the Deaf was chartered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Since that time 169 Deaf kids, who could not speak, hear, or sign, and had no chance of going to school, have been educated. There are 100 presently enrolled. The school has relocated several times, which in itself is very difficult for the Deaf.

In September of this year, VICKtory will have nowhere to meet. There are no other options for rental space for that size operation, either privately or with the government. In 2010 The Ethiopian Government gave VICKtory a choice piece of land, and in 2011 a building was started. It is two-thirds complete, but we have exhausted our finances, and we need your help. We need $100,000 to complete the project. The government requires us to build in a certain manner. Without our help, these children will never be able to speak, hear, sign, learn, or know the love of Jesus. They will live unhappy and unproductive lives, facing rejection and abuse. Together, we have the power to change all that. Would you prayerfully consider donating today?

Photo of the skyline of Hong KongMissionaries Departing For Hong Kong

Sam Abrams will be ordained and the Abrams sent from the Bible Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Arkansas on February 9, 2014. The Abrams will depart for Hong Kong on the following Monday. Please pray for them as they make this transition.

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