SMART Module: October 2012

BIO will participate in a SMART-Conference at the Wayside Baptist Church in Hagerstown, Maryland, October 11-12. SMART is the acronym for the Specialized Missionary And Resource Training ministry at BIO. Its purpose is to provide missionaries with, you guessed it, specialized training which could help them endure the rigors they could face during their time in a foreign country. The subjects to be covered at the SMART-Conference include vehicle maintenance and personal stewardship.

A SMART-Conference is when a local church invites BIO to conduct daytime training sessions for those missionaries who come in to participate in the church’s regular mission-conference meetings. One obvious advantage of a SMART-Conference is that it goes to where missionaries are already scheduled to be, without necessitating more travel on their part.

To know more about this and other training modules, or, for information on hosting a SMART-Conference at your church, contact SMART, the BIO offices 865-262-0900 or Terry Childers 865-617-9320.

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