Joel Desir December 2018 Prayer Letter

By Joel Desir

Dear Pastor and Church Members,

Greetings from Haiti! I want to say thank you for all your prayers and finances you have invested for the dying souls in Haiti. I remember when I came to your churches, I said that if you help me get to Haiti with your prayers and your support it would not take me long to start a church, because I know the language and culture. What makes me thankful to the Lord and happy is because I kept what I said on deputation. We arrived in Haiti on September 29, 2018. We began soul winning immediately, and New Testament Baptist Church started November 11, 2018. For our first Sunday we had our red truck and white bus to pick up people. Not many rode them, so we thought there might be only a few people for the morning service, but the Lord blessed and surprised us. We had eighty people in the morning service and ninety-three for the evening service! Most of those people walked to the church. About twenty-three people got saved! We were grateful for the extra help that came to help us that day. For the last three weeks we have averaged over one hundred in the Sunday services and twenty-two additionally have been saved.

This last Sunday six people followed the Lord in believer’s baptism. This is a big step for them because in this area they are about tradition and they don’t believe in immersion. Bob was one of the men baptized. He came to church a few weeks ago for the first time, but he refused to sit down for the service. He just remained standing. Later that week, I went to visit him. He got saved. When I told him he needed to get baptized after getting saved, his wife tried to discourage him because of their traditions, but after I showed him verses in the Bible, he chose to be baptized! We were needing someone to drive the white bus and Bob wanted to help out. Sunday was his first time driving and he did a fantastic job. We have started the church in the garage of our house and it is already too small for the attendance that we have had. Please pray for the Lord to provide land for us to build his church.

If you would like to contact me, my skype number is 772-266-0122. I have started a face book account under my name Joel Desir and you will see some pictures, videos and online preaching there. Please continue to pray for me as I preach the Gospel to my Haitian people.

In Christ,

Joel Desir

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