Into All The World: Volume 4, Issue 5

News From Jeremy & Ling M.

Missionaries serving in the Far East

We have been very busy in the ministry. We have been working a lot with some of the university students, taking time with them to build relationships so that we can share Christ. It has been fruitful. We have seen three students make professions of faith. One has followed the Lord in baptism. We praise God for the fruit that God has brought into our life. We meet once a week with about five students in our home. My wife will make a meal for them. We will play games like Uno and, most importantly, study the Bible with them. They love this time. One of the students had a birthday. We bought a cake for her. She told us that she was touched at our thoughtfulness and love. She said that no one has ever given her a cake or had a special celebration for her. Please pray for her salvation. Her name is Katrina.

Our English Corners have been going very well too. Most weeks we meet with about 15-20 students in a conference room where we talk about different issues of life. The purpose is to try to get them to see their need of Christ. We are trying to be wise as serpents but harmless as doves, which being in this country requires us to be.

Outfitting The Training Center Kitchen

God has been extremely good to us in the past five years and we are almost totally finished with our Office and Training Center – upper and lower level. We do need one final bit of help, though. We anticipate 30-40 missionaries and their family members coming to our new BIO Missionary Training Center during the training week in June. There is still the need of outfitting the Training Center’s kitchen. Therefore we are seeking benefactors that would help us. Bro. Terry Childers has provided us with the following list of needs and suggestions of how you could help:

  • 25 cu. ft. refrigerator – $1,430
  • 18 cu. ft. refrigerator – $687
  • Electric range – 2 @ $439 each
  • Dishwasher – $423
  • Wall mounted microwave & vent fan – 2 @ $189 each
  • Pots, pans, serving utensils and such – $400

TOTAL NEED: $4,198

Churches, individuals, Sunday school classes and ladies’ missionary circles could make a donation to cover the purchase price of an item (or items). For individuals or groups that are not able to pay for a complete item, they could consider making a $100 contribution. Forty-two such gifts would cover the entire need. If donations could be received by June 3rd, that would allow us to meet our target date of June 10th for having the kitchen fully operational. Praise the Lord, for the first time we can have our meeting in our own facilities.

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Missionaries to Northern Spain

Danny & Jordan Bonikowsky

Photo of the Bonikowskys

We are excited that Danny and Jordan Bonikowsky have joined our BIO family. Danny is a third-generation missionary. He graduated from Bob Jones University with a Bachelor of Arts in Bible. He subsequently served at Faith Baptist Church here in Jefferson City for his internship. Jordan has a Master of Arts in Cross-Cultural Studies from Northland International University. The Bonikowskys are headed to Northern Spain as church planting missionaries to the Basque Region.

The Basque region of Spain is home to one of the oldest cultures in the world. The Basques had their own unique language and culture long before Spain was a nation. The Basque are a proud people and their history dates back thousands of years. The people are nominally Catholic; however, the majority of the Basque people show no interest in religion or God.

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