Into All The World: Volume 2, Issue 2

Ethiopia Report

By David Peach, Director of Deaf Ministries

David Peach, Director of Deaf MinistriesIn December I was privileged to visit the country of Ethiopia in East Africa and see some dear friends. Ethiopia is a foundational country for BIO. Many of the ministries we are involved with in Ethiopia predate even the existence of the mission board. Therefore, it was a great honor for me to see these ministries that I previously had only heard about.

I preached ten times while in Ethiopia. Most of those times were for Bro. Bizuayehu in the Ebenezer Baptist Church of the Deaf. There were two deaf teenagers saved during one of the services. God also allowed me to see a hearing man in his twenties accept the Lord at another church. The privilege of preaching and seeing people saved was mine because of the great teaching and preaching by the faithful pastors and church workers.

Missionary Highlight
The Sykes Family

Jason and Sarah Sykes

Jason and Sarah Sykes

Please pray for Jason and Sarah Sykes. They have recently ended their deputation ministry and have moved to Costa Rica for language school.

Venezuela has a population of 28 million of which 96% are Catholic according to the CIA World Factbook. This population of 28 million can be broken down into 64 people groups; of these, four are categorized as least reached according to Joshua Project.

Please pray, as well, for the current political situation in Venezuela along the lines of 1 Timothy 2:2, “For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.”

Missionary Humor

Missionary Time – It’s one until it is two, plus or minus one or two hours.

Missionary Quote

“We’re cloistered in climate-controlled cathedrals, feasting while billions can’t even find a drop of water. We do not well!” – David Hosaflook.

Following is a short report about the people and ministries I visited. I want to encourage you to pray for them. They are people of integrity who are highly respected by their fellow ministers and who have a good reputation among the people they are trying with to reach for the Lord.

Bizuayehu Assefa

Bro. Bizuayehu is a dear servant of the Lord. He and his wife are both Deaf and have served in ministry for more than twenty years. Besides regular church services, Bro. Bizuayehu has training classes in his church during the week for those who want to learn more about the Bible and how they can serve God better. His church building, which is way too small for the number of people he serves, hosts some classes for the Bible college ministry of Berhanu Yoseph.

Tsehai, Bro. Bizuayehu’s wife, does a wonderful job with organizing the special music in the church. She also teaches sign language classes so that they can reach out to a broader community. She is a great cook and a good mother to their three godly children.

Gomeju Tafesse – VICKtory School

Sister Gomeju hosted me in her house for the nineteen days that I was there. She was gracious and generous with her resources. She prepared good safe meals for me.

Gomeju is the Director of the VICKtory School for the Deaf that many of you are involved with either through special offerings or children’s sponsorships. She was excited to show me the property where the new school building is being constructed. The school is growing and in need of the new facilities. With the added space they will be better able to educate the children. Bro. Bizuayehu teaches a weekly Bible class at the school.

Berhanu Yoseph

Though Sister Gomeju was the host for my stay, Bro. Berhanu gave much of his time to help me get involved in various church programs and special events. He opened up opportunities for me to preach in some of the special meetings. Berhanu also took me to visit churches where God is doing a great work outside the city of Addis Ababa. Though Berhanu is one of the men I had met previous to going to Ethiopia, he has become a much closer friend because of our time together.

Tesfaye Gosa

Pastor Tesfaye is a man I had heard much about and was blessed to finally meet. He has faithfully preached God’s Word for many years even though he is blind and cannot read the Bible for himself. He has much of it memorized which helps him as he studies for his messages. It was an honor to spend time in prayer with this man who loves our Lord deeply.

Bekele Denboba

Though he is dealing with difficult medical problems related to his heart, Bro. Bekele was a joy to meet. I did not preach in a regular church service for him, but I did teach a Bible college class that his church hosts weekly. The five of us men (Bizuayehu, Berhanu, Tesfaye, Bekele and I) met weekly on Mondays to pray; something this group has done for more than twelve years. I look forward to continuing to build a strong relationship with Bro. Bekele. Pray that God would give healing to his body and give him many more years of service if that be His will.

I enjoyed the country, the food and the coffee. But what I appreciated most about the trip was meeting these five people (and their families) and knowing that they are doing a great work for the Lord. These are quality men and ministries. Each of these five represent many Ethiopians, Deaf and hearing, who will one day stand in the presence of the Lord. They are worthy of your prayers and support.

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