Abrams October 2014 Prayer Letter

This letter was written by BIO missionary, Sam Abrams

Dear Supporting Churches and Friends,
We just want to tell you we love you and miss you, but we love the people here and are continually being strengthened to study and work the ministry so people might be saved.

Ministry Opportunities:

The Lord has allowed us to re-start Wednesday evening prayer meetings with the church. We average eight people. This previous week, we had a Chinese visitor attend, thanks to saints that care for souls! We also were able to organize our first outreach ministry (Soul Winning).

Mandi has joined a choir and also has been assisting in the children’s classes on Sunday mornings. Because Jocelyn is old enough, she has also joined the children’s classes and has begun making new friends and picking up language we have never heard. We rejoice in the Lord for these things and know you rejoice with us.


People are everywhere! We must go out and find them, into the highways and hedges, if we want to win them. Trevor is a young man I met at a local coffee shop where I do my studies. I have found it to be a magnet for relationships. We both help each other in our language and have begun a new friendship. In the U.S we have the privilege and opportunity to go door to door, but where we work this is not so, you must find people using different methods. The coffee shop is just one. I have met many playing basketball and even just riding buses. We have not been able to share the Gospel with these because of the language barrier, but we trust and hope that our time spent with them and studying the language will turn to their salvation.


We are progressing in the language and give God the glory, but it will take much time before we are able to preach. We have been told most of the missionaries who come never really learn the language. We need to endeavor that much more so we can.


Pray for Trevor, Joe, Isaac and Kevin that God would open their hearts to me and the Gospel. They need to hear the Gospel of Christ in their language. We hope that even now, as you read you will fall to your knees and desire that God would save these men. Again, we love you and thank you for taking time to read our letters and pray for us.

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