Frank Laurent

Deaf of Tanzania

To Establish a Deaf Church

Tanzania has approximately 800,000 Deaf in 30 states. The Deaf must know about Jesus Christ. Such a need would require an availability of churches and pastors in Tanzania.

To Establish a Christian School for the Deaf

Photo of Frank Few deaf Tanzanians have successfully completed school. The others lack the specialized education that Deaf need due to the shortage of schools and the high cost of education in the country. A Christian school for the Deaf in Tanzania would give them a general education, practical vocational training and a personal relationship with Christ and the Word of God.

To Establish a Deaf Bible college

Many Deaf from Tanzania and other African countries could be called by God to serve as pastors, evangelists, missionaries and Christian workers. There is an urgent need for a Bible college in Tanzania to equip those called to the ministry with essential Bible knowledge and appropriate training. Then they can serve the Lord and spread God’s Word to other Deaf in the African continent.

Journey to the Field

Frank graduated with a pastoral degree from Capital Baptist Deaf College in Maryland in 2010. He joined BIO within a few months and began deputation to raise his support. Due to visa restrictions, Bro. Frank had to return to his home country under supported. He is trusting God to supply his needs.

Overall Ministry Goals

Frank desires for God to call more servants to be trained in deaf ministry. There is a great need for more pastors, evangelists, missionaries and Christian leaders who can minister to the Deaf in Tanzania and other African countries. It is his goal to train leaders for tomorrow’s deaf churches.

His growing church is searching for land that will be their home for the future ministries of their ministry. This will house the church, Christian school, Bible college and more.

Pray for Bro. Frank Laurent and his ministry in Tanzania. If you would like to donate to him with a special gift or monthly support you can contact BIO or use the PayPal donate button.

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