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SMART Advice: Check The Timing Belt On Your Car

If you own a motor vehicle please consider this question, “Does its engine have a timing belt, or a timing chain?” If your response is, “I don’t know,” that is quite normal. However, I hope you did not include, “…and quite honestly I don’t care.” If it did, please stop for five minutes to read […]

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SMART Module — Leadership Development

Questions for missionaries to consider: How much thought have you given to the overall scope of your training ministry? Besides Bible doctrine, what else do you plan to teach them? Have you considered giving them leadership training too? BIO is hosting a SMARTraining seminar on Leadership Development. This two-day training session holds great potential for making […]

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SMART Conference February 21-23, 2013

A SMARTraining session will be held in conjunction with the annual mission conference of Faith Baptist Church in Jefferson City, Tennessee. This is a SMART Conference session focused on vehicle maintenance and CPR. The training classes are February 21-23, 2013. SMART Conference sessions are held at local churches during their mission conferences. This allows the […]

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SMART Personal Security Training Module

We are thankful that seventeen missionaries attended BIO’s recent two-day SMARTraining module on matters of Personal Security. The featured speaker was a Christian brother whose thirty-four year career in law-enforcement included FBI, DEA and Secret Service assignments. In light of the fact that his duties had taken him to several foreign countries, it was obvious […]

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SMART Module: November 2012

Since the inception of the SMART ministry it has been amazing to see God at work connecting us with various teachers who have some specialized skills and are eager to teach missionaries. One such teacher is a Christian brother who retired after 35 years in the field of criminal justice. He will be the main speaker at […]

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