Into All the World: Volume 10, Issue 10


Gemma Mastromarino

Teaching English has been one of my primary outreaches in the community. On average, 27 young people come into my house every week for English classes, giving me a unique opportunity to create personal relationships with each one. Because I use a Christian curriculum, my students are introduced to Christian principles and thoughts. Many of my students ask questions about the vocabulary, we get into conversations about reading texts, and with my older students, we are including the history books to talk about rights and freedoms.

One of our activities during history class was talking about the four basic rights and freedoms and how each one affects the others. They then wrote in a journal which freedom they thought was most important, without any specific directions from me. Many of them chose to write about the freedom of religion, because they said that when you take away their right to believe in God, you take away their right to express their thoughts in speech, writing, and the ability to assemble with people of similar beliefs. “It takes away your soul,” as one of my students said. The seeds are planted.

Many of my elementary students also regularly join me in attending camps where they hear the Gospel and how to grow in their faith. This year, three of my kids who do not attend church told me they love coming to camp because they get to learn about God while having fun. They even asked if they could invite their friends next year. Great steps!


Office News

The Lord blessed our BIO Fall Meeting. Dillon Road Baptist Church in Fostoria, Ohio went above and beyond in their ministry to us as hosts of the meeting. All of the messages hit the theme (Serving as Senders) and challenged us. It was a special blessing to have Dr. Charles Keen preach for us again. Over $11,000 was raised in a special offering for the office and $5,000 was given to help rebuild an earthquake ravished church in Bali.

Please pray for our ministry at Pensacola Christian College this week and at Ambassador Baptist College next week. We praise the Lord for the opportunity that we have to mingle with the students, teach classes, and challenge the students for missions.

Thank you for your partnership with us and our missionaries. COVID continues to be a challenge in many countries. In spite of today’s challenges, the work of God continues around the world through your prayers and missionary support. Please pray specifically for several missionaries who are in need of visas. Many countries have tightened their borders due to COVID.


Matt and Melany Parrott

Your prayers and support sustain us. We are on the road, having been in 11 states, to date. We have had the pleasure of visiting many precious churches and countless individuals as we share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the ministry that we have received from Him to be His ambassadors in a foreign country. It’s been a busy summer, but God continues to go before us every step of the way. The Lord has seen us through an encounter with COVID, given us grace as we’ve added to our family when we rescued a dog, and He’s kept our home on wheels running in tip top shape.

We have big news to share with you! Our girls, Tallulah and Lilly have declared their surrender to Christ, and they both desire to live their lives in obedience to Him and His Word! Praise The Lord! What a joyous answer to prayer! Thank you for praying with us for the salvation of our children these months and years. Please continue to pray with us as we disciple and encourage them in their new walk and daily submission to Christ.

NOTE: Matt and Melany Parrott have attended language school and would love to move their family to the field next spring. Please prayerfully consider them as your missionaries to Bolivia.

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Into All the World: Volume 10, Issue 8


Bill and Jennifer Green, Missionaries to the Deaf

As in many churches around the world, COVID prompted new ministries for us using the internet. During the “lockdown” we posted three videos a week. We started livestreaming the preaching every Wednesday night and then posting it onto Facebook making it available online. Jennifer started teaching an online Ladies Deaf Bible study on Monday nights with two missionary ladies from other parts of Mexico. This fall, I have agreed to teach a class in an online Baptist Bible Institute for the Deaf located in Chiapas, Mexico. Please pray that God will continue to bless these new methods of reaching and training the Deaf for Christ.

On Saturday July 31, I had the privilege of baptizing one of our newer young men. Kevin had accepted Christ as his Savior back in November and has been slowly growing in the knowledge and grace of our Lord. When it came to being obedient in baptism, though, Kevin always hesitated. He finally surrendered to the Lord’s will and was baptized in the new baptismal at the Potter’s House Baptist Church. This is a hearing church plant that God allowed us to help start in 2018-19. The church is doing well under national pastor, Mario Caballos, who is a valued friend. We thank God for the great day we had and ask that you pray that Kevin will have a strong desire to always be obedient to God.


Office News

We are looking forward to our annual BIO Fall Meeting in Fostoria, OH. The conference is set for October 21-22. Please visit and make plans to attend! The theme is Serving as Senders. We have a great line up of speakers and good music lined up. We are thankful for Dillon Road Baptist Church; they are hosting this meeting.

There will be a SMART Module dealing with cross-cultural ministry on October 20.

We thank you for your partnership with us and our missionaries. COVID continues to be a challenge in many countries. In spite of today’s challenges, the work of God continues around the world through your prayers and support.

Thailand Bound!

Jeremy and Ling Meir

The [country where we were serving] will remain closed for at least another year, but the Lord has opened the door for us to make a move to Chiang Mai, Thailand. Praise the Lord; we have the visa that is needed! We are now waiting for a Certificate of Entry (COE). We are hoping to get it this week. If all goes according to plan, we will fly out to Bangkok on September 8.

We will have to stay 14 days in quarantine. After quarantine is finished, we will make our way to Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai has many [people we were working with]! We will lead Bible studies. We want to see people come to know Christ and grow in the Lord.

We are hoping that this will be a temporary move. Our heart is still in [our previous country] and with the work that we started. It breaks our hearts that we cannot return at this time. However, this is out of our control. So, we are hoping to see God do some great things in Thailand until the border of [of our country] opens and we are allowed to return.

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Dr. Richard Vick With the Lord

Our founder and friend Dr. Richard Vick passed away peacefully in the presence of his family on Monday, June 22, 2020. As a missionary who traveled the world and worked in several countries, he took his final trip to be with the Lord that he lived his life to serve.

Receiving of friends will take place at Faith Baptist Church in Jefferson City, Tennessee on Tuesday, June 30 from 5-7p. Funeral service to follow at the church.

Dr. Vick will be laid to rest in Maynardville, Tennessee next to Mrs. Joyce Vick. A private graveside service will be held on Wednesday July 1.

Faith Baptist Church
118 Colossians Ct.
Jefferson City, TN

The service will be live-streamed from the church’s website and Facebook page.

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Dr. Neal Beard Services

Dr. Neal Beard, a dear friend of BIO and former executive council member, passed away last week. His obituary and funeral service are available at the funeral home website. Service to be held today at 1 pm eastern time.

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An Update on Our Missionaries and COVID-19

BIO president, John Yingling, offers an encouraging word about the COVID-19 pandemic and how it is affecting our missionaries around the world.

At this time, none of our missionaries are known to have the virus. Of course that could change. Pray for them.

In this video you will see how God is working in the ministry of one of our missionaries as a direct result of the quarantining that is taking place in Nigeria. You will also be encouraged to continue supporting your missionaries through prayer and finances.

May God bless you as you serve Him while ministering to the missionaries you support.

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