Sam and Mandi Abrams

Church Planting in Hong Kong

Reaching the Cantonese for Christ

Sam and Mandi Abrams

Sam and Mandi Abrams

With plans to arrive in Hong Kong in early 2014 the Abrams have been working hard through deputation to raise their support. They joined BIO in 2010 and are eager to get to the field which they have visited and have a heart for.

Their desire is to start Baptist churches in every city in Hong Kong to help reach the 8 million people who live there. The people mainly speak Cantonese, Mandarin and English with their primary religion being Buddhism. While learning Cantonese the Abrams plan to help local church planters in their ministries.

After their language and culture training they plan to move to the city of Yuen Long where they want to start a church. This city is made up of college-age and younger children. Their plans are to evangelize these younger people in hopes of reaching their families for Christ. This may be done by way of teaching English classes and training people in ministry because of a desire to learn the English language.

Keep up to date on their ministry through their website where they post regular updates.

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