Into All The World: Volume 8, Issue 5

Ministering in the Storm

Kevin and Stacy Berg minister to the Lakota Sioux

Dark foreboding clouds gathered swiftly together from the Western horizon as shadowy horseman preparing for battle, ready to unleash their pent-up fury and weapons of war, long-prepared. Thunderous battle cries shook the earth accompanied by violent winds, and searing flashes of light as they anticipated unloading their destructive payload of stinging watery darts and piercing icy arrows, from above. Thunderstorms on the High Plains are always fearsome displays of the power of our Creator best observed from safety indoors. I, however, was on my way to make some visits on the western side of the Reservation, rushing headlong into the raging battle of hot and cold masses of air.

The onslaught was awe-inspiring but short-lived; and, as I was close to my destination and had turned to the north, I was able to look back on the angry but exhausted clouds, seemingly mustering for another charge. There in the midst of the darkness was a rainbow, a symbol of the unassailable promises of God. I stopped alongside the lonely country road to take a few pictures of this welcome sight. When l removed my sunglasses, I realized that the rainbow was faint enough where I might have missed it altogether without those special lenses. Ministry on the Reservation is much like being in the midst of a storm. However, the two enemies doing battle on this forsaken field are not heat and cold but light and darkness, in the spiritual realm. It is easy to be overwhelmed by the endless victories of darkness as life after life is snuffed out too soon, as are the fleeting spiritual victories. If one is not careful, discouragement can become a way of life, all too easily. In order to pierce the darkness and see the rainbows of God’s promises in the heart of the storms, we must look through the lens of the Word of God. Though God’s promises sometimes seem faint and far away, they are ever-present, anchored in the Eternal One, steadfast and sure. Those who dare to minister in the storm must be careful to stay close to the Master of the winds and the sea. For thirteen years, God has preserved us in this dark place, many times reaching down and grabbing us as we began to sink beneath the swollen relentless waves, overwhelmed by the storm. We thank God for his faithfulness!

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BIO Training Week Coming Soon

A Word From the Office

We are looking forward to our annual Training Week. It will be held June 18-21. We will have a few new missionary candidates and some veteran missionaries interacting for the week. Please pray for Brother Terry Childers, our General Director, as he plans and moderates this meeting. The theme is Redeeming the Time from Ephesians 5:18. Please pray for the safety of the missionaries traveling and that this week will be an edifying time spiritually and a encouraging time practically as we focus on technical sessions as well.

Visa Hurdles!

When Obstacles Become Opportunities

One of the bigger challenges a missionary may face is obtaining the proper Visa in order to be legal in the country they are called to serve. For many missionaries around the world this is becoming increasingly challenging. Countries are not opening their borders to church-planting missionaries these days. Nevertheless, We can appeal to a higher authority. Jesus said in Matthew 28:18, “All power (authority) is given unto me in heaven and in earth.”

Mike and Paula Ferus are a case in point. They write: “We have taken a trip to the South African Embassy in Washington, D.C. for the second time. We have tried to get a retirement visa, a three-year visitor’s visa, or even a single year visa, but it seems as if that door of ministry may be closing for us. The man in charge would not even accept our paperwork for any of the above mentioned visas. We will be returning on a 90 day visitor’s visa on July 2, as we seek to see what we can do going forward from there. There is the possibility that we could start a church in the neighboring country of Botswana. There is a BIO church which was planted for the Deaf in Ramotswa, but it could also have a hearing church in the same building. We are praying to see if God wants us to move to the country of Botswana and start on a new mission field. God is in control, and we know that He closes one door and opens another. Pray that we will be sensitive to His leading in this matter.”

Please pray for Mike and Paula Ferus and pray for other missionaries too. Pray as Paul prayed in Colossians 4:3, “Withal praying also for us, that God would open unto us a door of utterance, to speak the mystery of Christ…”

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