How to Help


Prayer is the most important tool in the spiritual battle for world evangelism. Every BIO missionary will attest to the fact that supportive prayer is the most effective tool in their arsenal. Through the prayers of God’s people, the needs of the missionary both known and unknown are met through the gracious intervention of their heavenly Father.

The same is true for BIO as an organization. The prayers of God’s people are an imperative aspect of the sustaining and growth of BIO as a mission board. Please make prayer for BIO and its missionaries a perpetual part of your daily quiet time with the Lord. We can say with true resolve “your prayers make a difference!”


An important part of the world evangelism equation is financial provision. BIO’s missionaries and BIO itself would not be able to sustain daily operations without the sacrifice of God’s people. If you do not support BIO as an organization or a BIO missionary we ask you to prayerfully consider partnering with us to reach the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. What better investment for your finances than to invest in eternity. We have provided information on how you can donate to BIO or one of the missionary families.


The equation for world evangelism would not be complete without the men and women who give their lives to reach a lost world for Jesus Christ. The Great Commission was not simply given to a select group of people, it is the duty and privilege of believers to take the step of obedience to evangelize the world. Many feel inadequate to be used of the Lord because they feel that they don’t have the qualifications to be a missionary, but this simply not true! The Bible clearly shows us in choosing David as king of Israel that man looks on the outward appearance, but God looks on the heart.

If you feel that God has burdened your heart to take part in global evangelism, consider becoming part of the BIO family of missionaries and let Christ show the light of His salvation through you to a lost and dying world.